The North ATlantic is the deadliest route in the world for ferry pilots

North ATlantic


Mike Magnell- I just want to share this with you guys to let you know what I am thinking. The North ATlantic is the deadliest route in the world for ferry pilots. I respect that. I took these pics in 2010 from a C421 over the southeast coast of Greenland near Narsarsuaq. I was going nonstop from Goose Bay to Reykjavik with ferry tanks installed, because I was going to Kabul, Afgjanistan and avgas is hard to find in the Middle East. See all of the icebergs. That water is COLD! Below freezing!! A person will freeze to death in less than 10 minutes and you can take that statement to the bank!!! You do NOT survive a ditching in the North Atlantic period!! I don't care what kind of survival gear you have! When I am flying the North Atlantic in a twin I am always aware of the halfway point because an engine failure anywhere around there will most likely wind up putting you in the water unless you have a whole lot of extra fuel remaining and your last engine is strong. When you have two engines you have twice the chance of losing one. So you are only better off in a twin over the North Servicios Aéreos del Atlántico when you are about 200 miles or less from your arrival point. Also from your departure point, but only if you are not over gross weight on takeoff! The weather was perfect the day I took these. Don't have to be concerned about icing on a day like this. It is not like this much over the North Atalntic. There is so much ice in the water in these pics you could not even make a successful ditching. Not that it matters much anyway! Mike Magnell.


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